Our Twinkles class is for ages 3-7, beginning cheerleading and learning all the core skills needed to join our older squad (Comets) at age 8+.

This class includes learning to tumble, dance, jump, stretch and fly with our junior stunt teams.

Great exercise for the little ones with lots of fun and motivation in order to become a very talented cheerleader.

Competitive opportunities!


All abilities welcome to our class.


Recommended: tight clothing, trainers, NO jewellery, hair tied back.


Our Twinkles classes are full of fun and games alongside learning the important skills to one day become a Comet cheerleader.


Tumbling in the Twinkles includes learning forward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, roundoffs, walkovers and handsprings.


Stunting in the Twinkles shows how to become a perfect flyer. Whether it's stunting with our Comets or with fellow Twinkles, stunting is usually the favourite skill our pupils learn.

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